Appliances Repair Oakville

If you’re in Oakville and in need of appliance repair, look no further. Our team of skilled appliance technicians is here to help with all your repair needs. Whether it’s problems with your washer, dryer, fridge, freezer, dishwasher, oven, or any other appliance, Octopus Royal is your reliable choice. Our expert technicians make even the toughest jobs seem easy.

We’re equipped to handle appliances from popular brands like Whirlpool, GE, Miele, Bosch, LG, Samsung, and many more. In fact, our expertise extends to a wide range of brands, too numerous to list here. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’re eager to assist you with your appliance repair needs, and your satisfaction is our top priority!

Appliances Repair service

Appliances can encounter problems over time, regardless of how carefully they're used. Various factors like wear and tear, natural disasters, or even manufacturer issues can lead to damages. But when your appliances break down, you don't need to search any further. Octopus Royal Appliances Repair Services in Oakville is here to handle the repairs. Our technicians are highly skilled and have extensive experience in repairing all types of appliances. We're committed to delivering exceptional results, ensuring your appliances are repaired and working like new again.

Appliances installation

Many new appliance owners often assume that installation is a straightforward task. However, the reality is that errors and improper installations can lead to issues. Without professional assistance, you might inadvertently damage the appliance. Our role is to eliminate this concern by flawlessly installing your appliances. You can count on us to ensure there are no malfunctions or damages during or after the installation process. We prioritize doing the job correctly, backed by our extensive experience in this field.

Appliances maintenance

To prevent appliance breakdowns, it's crucial to perform basic maintenance tasks like cleaning and replacing damaged parts. While some maintenance routines may seem straightforward, they require expertise and knowledge to execute effectively. Our experts specialize in replacing appliance parts with genuine, original components. This ensures that our maintenance practices maximize your appliance's longevity and keep them operating at their best for an extended period.

one year warranty for appliances repair

One year warranty

for all of our services

Simple as that. we give one year warranty for all of our services done by us.

No Question Asking.

Washer repair Oakville

No washer can last forever unless it has been taking care of by our professionals.
our washer repair technicians can repair and fix all kind of washer breakdowns like:
the washer is not draining the water.
The drum is not spinning or agitating.
No water comes into the washer.
The washer is leaking water.
And it doesn’t matter what brand or type of washer you have. We can repair the front load washers, the top load washer, and all different washer and dryer combo units. On top of that, we have access to all manufacturing data like LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, GE, Miele, Bosch, and more.
So if you need washer repair or any appliances repair in Oakville, contact us now.

Washing machine installation.

Are you replacing your old washer with a new one or move to a new house and need washer and dryer installation?
Call us now, and we will be there In no time to set up your new appliances. Stackable, side by side, or combo unit, in the closet or the laundry room, considered it done.

Dryer repair Oakville

Besides the fact that they are drying our cloth after washing them,
it is the most fun to wear warm clothing directly from the dryer after a shower in the winter.
Now, if your dryer is not working properly, are you gonna give up the shower? Of course not.
That is why you need to call octopus royal appliances repair Oakville to fix and repair your dryer.
So, if the dryer does one of the following things and you find out that:
the dryer is not heating up.
The cycle takes too long to dry the clothes
there is a grinding or squeaking noise when it’s running.
The dryer doesn’t power up or doesn’t shut down.
Call us for the rescue. we will fix it for you, and we make sure that every winter shower is a joy. by the way, you can call us all year round for dryer repair in Oakville.

Dryer maintenance

Dryer maintenance is probably the most important task to do.
All dryer manufacturers recommend dryer maintenance service at least once a year.
If the dryer takes a long time to dry, that will be the first red flag telling you that your dryer needs service.
A blocked dryer vent or vent port can cause a fire hazard.
Call us if the dryer takes a long time to dry, and one of our dryer experts will do maintenance service for you.
The technician will clean the vent hose or replace it and check the dryer vent port for clogged.
If necessary, he will disassemble the dryer and clean it inside and around the heater element.
Good dryer maintenance will reduce the risk of fire and the drum support rollers from seized up.
Please don’t wait until it is to lait and call us to service your dryer or for any appliances repair in Oakville.

Dishwasher repair service Oakville

Say goodby to the rubber gloves.
You don’t need to wash the dishes by hand anymore.
Octopus Royal Appliances repair in Oakville is here to fix your dishwasher.
so if your dishwasher is:
not washing the dishes properly.
If the dishwasher is leaking water.
Do you hear new, unfamiliar noises?
The dishwasher doesn’t power on.
Or any issue with it, we are here to repair it for you in no time, so you can keep your hands dry, and the dishes will be clean again.
We fix most dishwasher top brands like LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Bosch, Miele, and more.
Stop standing in front of the sink and call us for dishwasher repair now.

Dishwasher installation

Did you know that most of the new dishwasher leakage is a direct result of a bad installation?
If the dishwasher is not straight.
If the dishwasher water line is not connected properly.
Or, if the drain hose is not secure, get your swimsuit because a huge leak or flood may come on your way.
Let The professional do the hard work for you and use your swimsuit for swimming somewhere else.
We are the expert in dishwasher installation. And yes, we can also put your integrated panel or swap them from the old dishwasher to the new one.
So if you need dishwasher installation in a new home or need to replace the old one, contact us now.