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one year warranty for appliances repair
appliances repair Scarborough

Why Octopus Royal appliances repair Scarborough?

At Octopus Royal We providing repair, maintenance and installation services for all home major appliances makes and models including new, old and current models. This is only possible with our qualified trained technicians and accurate tools and equipment.

All of our technicians have access to manufacture data information systems. This provides them with vital information to diagnose and repair all of you appliances correctly in the first time at the same day visit.

We  know how important is to have professional appliances repair technician that you can trust and feel comfortable with.

And moreover you want someone who can provide you with the best appliance repair service experience. Therefore, with many years in the field, and with our expert technicians, we are happy to offer a complete range of  appliances services.

appliances installation Scarborough

appliance installation its not a plug and play method. not only but also a wrong appliance installation can cause rattling noises, water leaks, fire, flood and a bad looking non strait aligning appliances. we are always following with the manufacture installation guidelines recommendation and specification. we do it ones and we do it right.

Appliances Repair Scarborough Repair

We have the knowledge, we have the tools and we have the experience. we can fix and repair all brands makes and models major home appliance. feel confidant to call us with any appliance break down that may happens in your home, office or your property.

Appliances Maintenance Scarborough

They collecting dust, dirt, food left over, soap buildup, rust and corrosion. Just replace or clean the filters is good but not enough. in addition to that a deep maintenance service or preventing maintenance service is a must. Appliances maintenance service is very important for keeping your appliances in good shape and healthy condition for the long run. At the same time to avoid the appliances breakdowns.

Appliances service in Scarborough and the surrounding area.

So whenever you  experiencing a problem with any of  the Washing machine, Dryer, Fridge, Dishwasher, Oven / Stove, Microwave, or range hood. Then relax, we got you all covered.
Octopus Royal technicians are here in order to help you with any appliance service that you need.

furthermore our technicians trained to provide you with service for all of the appliance’s makes and models out there like. Miele, Bosch, Blomberg, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, GE, Kitchen-Aid Jenn-air, and more.

one year warranty for appliances repair

One year warranty

for all of our services

We are the best Appliances repair in Scarborough, and no one can beat our


for all the appliances services we provide.
appliances repair, appliances installation and appliances maintenance service.

High-Quality Appliance Repair Scarborough

One of the most important things for us is to take care of, is our customers.

And that means you will receive more than just a high-quality appliance repair service in Scarborough. furthermore, you should know that our representatives will always be there for you, to answer all of your questions and concern regarding any appliance service you might need.

At the time  you booking your appointment with us, we will make sure that you are getting the best and the fast appliance service that you need. we put you in the first place.

We know your time is precious.

And that is why We provide our technicians with the most common parts and tools to take with them.
As a matter of fact our technicians carry various spare parts in their trucks. And we doing so in order for them to fix and repair your appliance on the the same day visit.

We are doing everything we can to bring your appliance back to work on the first appointment on the same day of service.
You can also be rest assured that all of the replacement and spare parts we use are OEM high-quality original parts.

Washer repair Scarborough

Washing machine repair

It’s easier than ever to get a washer repair service in Scarborough. thanks to our appliances washer technician near you.
If you notice that your washing machine is not working correctly or noticed that:
  • the water is not draining.
  • you cant open the washer door, or the door is not closing correctly.
  • There is water leakage in the front or under the washing machine.
  • No power on display, and the washer doesn’t turn on.
or for any other reason, it’s time to pick up the phone and call our expert washer technician in Scarborough.
Our Scarborough appliance technician
will do everything he can to repair your washer and make it work on the same day visit.
furthermore, the washer repair man carry lots of washer common spare part in he’s truck.
Call us now and we will send a washer repairman to your place as soon as possible.

washing machine installation

Do you need washing machine installation in Scarborough?

Our appliances technician has all the necessary knowledge to do it for you.

If it is stackable or side by side, top load or front load washer, we got you covered.

We supply a new hot and cold water line with any washer installation for a new house or to replace the old one with a new one.

When we install a new washer, we always

  • Unboxing and removing the shipping bolt.
  • Balance and level the washer.
  • Connect and secure the drain hose.
  • Attaching and tightening the high-pressure water line.
  • Checking and testing the washer for good operation and leaks.
  • Walking with you thru the user guide and show you all the tips and tricks about your new washer.

So whenever you need new appliances installation, call us to get the best result.

Washer Care and Maintenance

Don’t let your washer break down because of tiny little things.

If you feel that your washer is

  • Unbalance and have lots of vibration during the spin cycle.
  • Have a mold buildup on the door gasket or in the dispenser compartment.
  • The washer smells like sewage.
  • The clothes are not clean and have black stains or detergent leftover on them.

Don’t hesitate and give us a call.

One of our washer specialists in Scarborough will be there in no time for you to maintain your washer and make it work like new again.

Dryer repair Scarborough

Dryer repair service

Does your dryer giving you a hard time and you stuck with lots of wet clothes?

It’s time to call dryer repair service in Scarborough.

So whenever your dryer is

  • Spins but doesn’t heat up.
  • Make a lot of weird noises when it’s working.
  • Take a long time to dry your clothes and need a second or third cycle to complete the drying process.
  • The dryer doesn’t power on or doesn’t start the cycle.
  • Have error code on display.

There is one thing you need do right now.

Call us, and one of our dryer repair technician in Scarborough will come to fix the dryer for you.

Dryer Installation Process

Did you know that improper dryer installation can lead to a catastrophe and fire hazard?

Don’t take the risk and call us now to install your dryer in the right way.

So If it’s a new home or just needs to replace the old dryer with a new one, this mission is for us.

When we install dryers, we always: 

  • Making sure that the vent hose is short as possible and adequately sealed.
  • The door opening position is facing to the correct direction.
  • Balancing and levelling the dryer.
  • Secure and tight the dryer, if it’s  stacked on the washer.
  • Run a test cycle to make sure the dryer is ready to use.

Feel free to call us for an estimate regarding your new dryer installation.

Our appliances repair technicians in Scarborough will be happy to help you with your new dryer installation.

Dryer Care and Maintenance

You can quickly tell if your dryer is in need for maintenance service.

Especially if you noticed that the dryer takes a long time to dry your clothes.

There other symptoms that can tell you that you need to maintain the dryer, and they are:

  • you hear grinding or squeaky noises when the dryer is running.
  • There are black stains left on the clothes after the drying cycle is done.
  • A burning smell comes from the dryer when it’s working.
  • You see an error message on display to check the lint filter even when the lint filter is clean.

dryers are the biggest fire hazard in your home, and 

When it comes to dryer maintenance, you need to take it very seriously.

Don’t wait till your house is in flames.

Call us now, and we will send one of our dryer repair specialists in Scarborough to maintain your dryer.

Our friendly dryer service technician will work on your dryer and will make it work like new again.

Fridge repair Scarborough

Fridge repair service

Fridges and freezers are probably the most essential appliance in your home.

And if they break down, it can easily mess up your day.

Yes, you can temporarily throw all the food outside the balcony to save them in the wintertime.

But if you need a real solution, give us a call, and one of our fridge technicians in Scarborough will come to the rescue.

So if your fridge or freezer:

  • Not cooling properly or doesn’t cool at all.
  • There is a water leak in the front or back of the refrigerator.
  • Ice and frost buildup in the fridge or freezer section.
  • You hear a grinding noise from the back or from inside the fridge.
  • The door doesn’t close and seals properly.


It’s probably because you need an appliance repair technician to come and fix the fridge for you.

We understand the urgency for fridge repair in Scarborough,

and we will put you in first priority. Call us now for appliances repair in Scarborough to schedule a fridge repair service.


Fridge Installation

Fridge Care and Maintenance

Dishwasher repair Scarborough

Dishwasher repair service

Dishwasher Installation
Dishwasher Care and Maintenance

Oven/stove repair Scarborough

oven/stove repair service

oven/stove Installation

stove/oven Care and Maintenance

Microwave repair scarborough

Microwave repair service

Microwave Installation

Microwave Care and Maintenance

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