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Dryer Repair Services To All Makes And models

We offer Repair service to most home appliance brand makes and models like Samsung, Whirlpool, Maytag, LG, Electrolux, Bosch, GE, and more.
So whenever it comes to a dryer repair, we got you covered.
Contact us and book your dryer repair service today.

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Dryers are simple machines and are quite easy to operate, but due to the complexities in their build and other factors, they may develop mild to severe faults with time. Breakdown in a machine like this could cause damage to expensive clothes. These faults are sometimes preventable by following manufacturer’s instructions for use and hiring appliance repair and maintenance companies to help with performing maintenance procedures on the dryer. These two options significantly reduce the risk of any faults arising from your dryer and cost you a lot of money, stress, and damage. However, if these faults occur, the next line of action should be to hire an appliance repair company to have its staff look at your dryer.

Some of the most common faults observed and experienced with dryers include:

  1. Dryer not heating up , dryer taking multiple cycles to dry
  2. Dryer smells like burning rubber and clothes come out of dryer smelling burnt
  3. Dryer making squealing  or grinding noises when tumbling.
  4. Faulty door switch
  5. Dryer doesn’t turn on or dryer doesn’t spin.
  6. Dryer shuts off after a few minutes, or dryer keeps shutting off mid cycle.

While some of these faults are technical issues, they could come from mistakes on the part of users, and that is why it is crucial to make sure that you’re not the problem of your dryer. To achieve this, kindly make sure you’re making sure of the following:

  1. Follow manufacturer’s manual instructions
  2. Prevent overloading of the dryer, and addition of hard objects
  3. Avoid clogging the lint screen
  4. Cleaning the vents to prevent ventilation problems
  5. As a safety tip, avoid contact or proximity of your dryer with flammable substances
  6. Make use of only accepted and recommended venting material

After you’ve ensured that the above issues are solved, but your dryer still has glitches, it’s high time you reached out to a reliable appliance repair company near you to help get your dryer back in shape. Choosing the right repair company will determine if your dryer will regain its old form and performance level, or diminish due to mistakes. Choosing the right repair company will determine how fast you can get your dryer back running, or if you’ll get it back. The tips and factors below are what you should look out for before choosing appliance repair companies:

Service availability all day any day

You need to be able to trust a repair company to be available anytime you call on their staff for appliance troubles. During holidays and at the most unusual periods, such repair companies must have a customer care representative ready to attend to you and quality technical professionals that will help effect repairs to your faulty dryer. You don’t plan for your appliances to fail, but when they do, your repair company of choice must be available to come through for you even at the most awkward periods.

Expertise in all dryer brands

There are different brands of dryers these days, the most common of which are Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Bosch, and GE. Any reliable repair company must have the staff, tools, and knowledge to handle all of these dryer brands without much trouble or causing more damage. It is a sign of real experience in the repair business, and that’s precisely what your faulty dryer needs.

Fast and efficient service delivery

Tardiness and laziness are elements of incompetence and subsequent poor service delivery. Watch out for appliance repair companies with staff that will show up late and take more than the speculated time to repair your appliance. Make sure that the technical personnel that seems to be fast with their service delivery don’t cause further damage to home appliances or make repairs that only last a second due to patch-ups and rush work. Choose only repair companies that will show up as early as possible and repair appliances to optimal strength within the designated time.

Outstanding customer care representatives

Some of the qualities that describe good customer care are politeness, fluency, and ability to answer questions correctly, without much hesitation. These are the qualities any good repair company must possess because their call representatives simply display the type of technical delivery customers should expect from their end. Consider only appliance repair companies with top-notch customer care representatives. They take efforts to help you by offering primary solutions to your appliance problem and set up an appointment with technical staff.

Customer reviews

Whether it is joy or anger, customers always make their feelings known about appliance repair companies’ services. It is essential to check these companies’ websites for authentic reviews about their services and be mindful of fake reviews and ratings. They might lead you to hire companies with terrible service delivery.

Professionalism and sophistication

To ensure that your dryers get the best maintenance or repair treatment. It is vital to choose only to repair companies that show top-notch professionalism in the way they handle appliances. They must also have access to the right tools, including software technology that’ll help with diagnostic operations. This will ensure that your appliance will be repaired without further damage and in a relatively short period of time.

Most of the washing machines don’t come with their built-in drying features. This is why many families and laundry services worldwide have independent dryers to help out with this process. Dryers are quite helpful in extracting water and moisture from clothes and other fabric materials, shortly after being washed by a washing machine.

Make the best choice you can today by reaching out to us for all appliance repairs. It doesn’t matter the brand or type. We can handle them all. Try our services out today!


A: long time drying problem is usually related to abstract or blocked air duct or the ventilation air exhaust. Make sure that the air hose is not kink, and the exhaust port is not blocked.

A. when a lint starts to buildup in the dryer, it will sit on the rollers and pulley shaft and will cause the rollers to spin hard or not to spin at all. When this is happening, you will notice a loud squeak sound rattling and sometimes vibrations.

A. if your dryer stops in the middle of the cycle they are a few things that can cause that.

1.the dryer vent is blocked, and it is tripping the overload fuse.

2.the moisture sensor coated with dirt and wax.

3.the dryer is not level properly, and it’s tilted to the back