Dryer repair service

If you are experiencing a Samsung dryer no heat condition and you need an urgent dryer repair service, we are here to help.

With many years of experience, no dryer fault can surprise us anymore. We saw it all.

We offer Repair services to all home dryers brands makes and models like Samsung, Whirlpool, Maytag, LG, Electrolux, Bosch, GE, Miele, and more.

So, if you live in Toronto or in the GTA, give us a call and speak with one of our representatives.

Our customer service will help you to book and schedule a service call with one of our expert dryer technicians at your convenience time and date.

We equipped all of our technicians with most common dryer parts in their truck, therefore there is a big chance we can fix the dryer on the same day of the visit.

dryer repair service

Dryer Repair Expert

dryer repair technician giving repair estimate to young lady

When our technician arrives at your place, he will ask you some questions related to the dryer issue.

Your answers will help him determine what kind of diagnostic strategy to take and it will give him some guidelines to find the dryer problem faster.

Don’t worry; even if you don’t have all the answers and unsure what’s going on, Our technicians have enough experience and knowledge to find any failure with the dryer.

In some cases, the technician may find issues with the dryer that you weren’t aware of and didn’t know existed.

And then before the dryer repair service is performed, the technician will explain what kind of problems he found with the dryer and will consult with you on the best solution for the repair.
After that, the dryer technician will give you a repair estimate and will show you what he is going to do and how.

We are so confident in our dryer repair service ability’s that we have, and we know exactly where the replacement parts are coming from.
And for that, we can easily apply 90 days and up to one year warranty for all the dryer repairs that we do.
Our warranty policies cover parts and labor, no questions asked.

Lack Of Maintenance And Improper Use.

Most of the dryer breakdowns happened due to lack of maintenance and improper use.

The number one reason for dryer failure is when the vent system gets blocked.

Make sure that the vent hose is not blocked with lint.

Clogged or blocked vent usually happened in the vent exhaust port, outside the house, and in the hose itself.

You need to inspect the vent system once a year or when you feel that the dryer takes a long time to dry.

also, make sure that the vent hose is not too long and not kink

a blocked or kink vent hose can result in: 


woman is calling dryer repair service

1. Heating element breakdown.

2. Burned fuses. 

3. Squeaky noise.

4. Long time dry

5. Fire hazard. 

Another reason for a dryer failure is improper use.

Putting the wrong items or overloading the dryer can cause problems with the dryer.

  1. Grinding or banging noise.
  2. Broken drive belt.
  3. Uneven or seized drum support rollers.
  4. Broken drive belt tensioner.
  5. Burning smell.
  6. Fire hazard.

Always use items that alow in the dryer by the manufacturer. 

Don’t put your sues or floor carpets in the dryer without using the spacial shelf that design for that. 

Make sure that the clothes are not wet with flammable liquid.

And never overload the dryer with wet clothes.

Avoid putting soaking wet clothes in the dryer, and if you do, use small quantities.

Dryer Maintenance Service
dryer maintenance
dryer maintnance service

Dryer maintenance is a major key to keep your dryer in a good health condition.
Here at Octopus Royal Appliances Repair service, we offer dryer repair and maintenance service.
We clean and service the vent hose and duct.
And also doing interior lint clean up to the entire dryer.
We make sure all of the moving components are free and lubricate them if necessary.

call us today for any dryer repair service or  dryer maintenance service.

Proudly servicing Toronto and the GTA.

Just like an octopus, Our head office is located in the center of the North York area. And we give and provide dryer repair services all around Toronto and the GTA.
So if you need dryer repair in the North York area, dryer repair in Toronto, or any dryer service all over Toronto GTA. We got your cover, and  have an expert dryer repair service technician near you. below is a list of cities we provide service by regions

City of Toronto
Halton region
Peel region
York region
Durham region

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