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over the counter range hood

Range Hood Repair Service

The range hood is among our ever dependable kitchen buddies. It helps us prepare our food conveniently every day.

One thing that I most loved about this cooking appliance over others is its ability to exhaust smoke and food smells out of the house.

However, due to wear and tear and with the constant usage of the appliance, we cannot help but encounter problems. The most common of it is a clogged exhaust system.

Try DIY Or Contact qualified service technician

The following paragraphs will give you ideas on how to manage the problem without professional help.

If your range hood does not properly take out smoke and food smells out of your kitchen.

it could be most likely due to either a clogged exhaust duct or a faulty fan. The good news is that repairing these problems doesn’t take much time or expertise.

How to Unclog the Grease Filter or Exhaust Duct

  • Remove the grease filter off the range hood. This can be done by sliding it out from the clips holding it to the appliance.
  • Prepare a plastic pan filled with hot, soapy water and 1/2 cup (4 fl oz/125 ml) ammonia and submerge the grease filter.
  • Leave it to soak until clean and free from dirt deposits, then rinse it thoroughly and set it aside to dry.
  • Remove the exhaust fan. The fan can be removed by unscrewing it from the hood using a screwdriver and socket. Be sure to turn off the exhaust fan before performing this step.
  • Clean the fan blades. Do this by dipping an old toothbrush into a cleaning solution (ammonia-water mixture) and then brushing it into the fan blades. Use hand gloves when doing this to avoid unnecessary injuries.
  • Clean the inside of the exhaust duct-work. You can use a plumber's snake with a heavy rag tied around the end to do this efficiently. Push the snake through the duct-work.
  • Soak the rag in the ammonia and water mixture, and then run it through the duct-work. Rinse the rag and repeat the operation until the duct appears to be clean.
  • Clean the exhaust hood attached outside your house. Scrub off any grit and grime around the flapper plate using the old toothbrush and ammonia-water solution.
  • Your goal in this step is to make sure that the plate moves freely when you're done. A stuck flapper plate is also a reason your range hood exhaust is not functioning properly.

At this point you can now re-install the grease filter and check if everything is functioning properly.

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