Do This 5 Things to clean your Washer

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Do This 5 Things to clean your Washer

Limescale molding bacteria and nun dissolves detergents can be harmful to your washer machine and for your clothing.

So what is the best way to maintenance the washer and keep it in healthy condition for long time?
She is working almost every day helping our life and saving us time

 Washer machine is one of the greater and important innovation we have in our life 

like any other machine its require clean up and maintenance service
washer machine can be dirty inside and out side from dust limescale molding bacteria and detergent which can results in a poor performance, smelly and dirty cloth.

So how to clean and maintenance washer machine for a long run?

Cleaning the dispenser and detergent drawer

you opened the dispenser for the detergent and softener drawer and you find out that its full of black stains on it?

Remove the drawer from the dispenser and brush it with a hot water and use a tooth brush where it is a hard spot to reach.

One more way is to put the dispenser drawer in the dishwasher, the results are amazing clean.

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The best Maintenance for washers is to wash the washer from inside clothing will smell fresh and water come out clean. Washing Machine Maintenance Tips get it clean every 2 months keep away the mold and mildew

Cleaning the washer machine filter

in a case that your laundry is not clean and have a bad odor and smell in the end of the washing cycle it is possible that the washer filter is dirty.

There is no need for a washer technician service you can take care of that by your self.
All you need to do is to release the filter usually located on the bottom front of the washer.

Take out the filter and clean it from hair,coins,hair clip,and little rocks.
Use a wet cloth to wipe the filter housing and the filter trap. Put it back and the laundry will be clean and savory scented again.

Cleaning the washer from  fungi bacteria mold and limescale

As you probably know, Canada have hard water, and plenty of it.

The hard water tends to accumulate on the washer’s heating element, the tub drum,door gasket and create limescale calcium build up.

And if it is not removed from the washer component it can damage the machine and even disable it. To clean limescale calcium buildup,a lemon salt can be used.

Every three months, it is recommended to fill in the lemon salt laundry detergent, adjust the machine to 90 degrees and operate it in a non-soaking boiling program.

Another option is to fill the drawer with a spoonful of listeria, which disinfects the machine from fungi and bacteria as well, that will gloss and cleans the washer drum and reduces unpleasant odors.

Preventing mold in the washing machine

Much moisture accumulating in the machine may develop mold. To prevent this, leave the washing machine door open after removing the clean clothes.

In addition, in order to prevent mold from forming, it is very important to clean the rubber surrounding the machine with a dry cloth.

Cleaning the washer from the outside

A washing machine tends to accumulate dust, and the combination of dust that mixes with detergent or conditioner residue may cause stains on the machine.

To get rid of the dust, take a damp cloth and wipe the machine once a week or two.

Need a washer repair?

If your washer needs a repair or some maintenance, Octopus Royal  Services can help.

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