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All the DIY people out there.

For your convenience we gather here all kind of common appliances parts and accessories that can fit for most appliances makes and models.

All parts are sold and shipped by third party sellers and the prices and quality of the parts are not reflecting Octopus Royal parts and services sold and done by us.

All warranty, shipping, returns and refunds for any  parts or accessories will be respected and determine by the third party seller policies.

Octopus Royal appliances repair and services is not responsible and not guaranty the parts quality, prices, and shipping. 

However, to give you the best experience, we pinpoint and take extra caution, and choose the most trustable and honest third-party sellers for you.
Feel free to browse and look around for any part that you may need.
We will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you have. Don’t hesitate  to contact us if you need help with part installation or any problem you may have before purchasing your parts.