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Appliances repair North York is faster and easier than ever when you Call us for service.

All you need to do is

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Appliances Installation North York

All appliances installations done by the manufacturer book guidelines.

Appliances Repair Service North York

Fast and reliable appliances repair service to all major home appliances brand makes and models.

Appliances Maintenance North York

Appliances maintenance service will make your appliance efficient and work like new again.

One Year Warranty For All Of Our Services

For your peace of mind, we are providing ONE YEAR WARRANTY for all the work Bayview home appliances we do and for all the parts we replaced.

Washing Machine Repair North York

Washer Repair Service

Our team is capable of handling all Front and top load washer issues for all brands’ make and models out there.

Contact us if you notice that your washer is:

Washer Installation

We will be happy to assist you with your new washer installation in North york. For a new home or to replace the old one.

During the washing machine installation, we will make sure that:

Washing Machine Care And Maintenance

Call us to schedule washing machine installation.

Dryer Repair North York

Dryer Repair Service

If you have a broken dryer that refuses to work and dry up your clothes, call us and let us deal with that matter.

Our appliances specialists in North York are here to help with any dryer breakdown

So if you are experiencing thing like

We have all the answers and knowledge to fix the Dryer for you.

Contact us, and we will send one of our expert dryer technicians to solve the problem and repair your dryer.

Dryer Installation Process

Get a new vent hose with every dryer installation done with us.

For a new home or when replacing the old dryer with a new one.

Improper dryer installation can lead to a fire risk, and we want to make sure you are safe.

Let our appliances repair technician in North York do all the hard work and install the dryer for you.

When we install your dryer, we will make sure that:

Contact our appliances repair in North York and schedule safe dryer installation.

Dryer Care And Maintenance

All dryers manufacture recommends a maintenance service at least ones a year.

Cloth Dryers are the number one reason for causing a fire when they are faulty and have not been taking care of.

We are here for you.
our dryer technicians provide dryer repair and maintenance services for all dryer’s makes and models. we also do further inspection for fire hazards with any dryer service that we do.

Dishwasher Repair North York

Dishwasher Repair Service

Say goodbye to your rubber gloves. Octopus royal expert dishwasher technicians repair is here for the rescue.

If the dishwasher is not draining, stop in the middle of the cycle, not power up, or clean the dishes properly, look no further. You are at the right place.

We repair and service all types of dishwashers and will be happy to do so.

Water leak, dishes are not drying at the end of the cycle, or any error code that may appear, we got it.

Our professional technician will fix, repair, and maintenance your dishwasher for any problem it has.

Are you buying a new dishwasher? No problem. We can install the new one for you on the same day you get it at your door.

Dishwasher Installation Process

Installing the dishwasher accurately will keep your dishwasher work in the maximum performance right from the beginning for many years to come.

Dishwasher Care And Maintenance

Fridge Repair North York

Refrigerator Troubleshooting

We know and understand how important and essential it is to have a properly functioning fridge and freezer. And that is why we give top priority to refrigerators and freezer repair.
If your fridge stops cooling, leaking water, or makes abnormal and unfamiliar noises, it’s time to call Octopus Royal and get the refrigerator repaired as soon as possible.
The fridge door does not close and does not seal properly; ice buildup in the freezer are just a few symptoms of a fridge failure that we can fix and repair. Contact us now and prevent more food spoilage.
We will be there for you to get your fridge running cool again.

Fridge Installation Process

Oven/Stove Repair North York

Oven And Stove Repair Service

Let’s put it straight. If you are not going to spend the money on oven repair, you will pay it on restaurant and food delivery.
Sometimes oven repair can be a simple repair as bake element replacement or burnt fuse.
Suppose you feel that the oven is not getting to the right temperature or burning your food. If the stove is not powering up at all, then calling Octopus Royal kitchen appliances repair in North York may solve your oven issue at the cost of one dinner at the local restaurant.

Oven And Stove Installation Process

Major Home Appliances Services

Competitive Price

We will go above and beyond to make your devices go back to work as soon as possible at a reasonable and competitive price.

Same-Day Service

In most cases, our technicians will have the required parts with them to be able to complete the job at the same day of service.

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