Washer Not Draining Problem And How You Can Fix It.

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A washer not draining issue is probably the most typical washer problem.
Usually the washer problem starts with the homeowner telling me That, my washer is not spinning at all, or my washer is not draining, or my washer is draining super slowly until it completely shuts off, And then an error code pops out on the washer display.

Whenever I hear a description like that, I know it’s very likely to be a clogged drain pump filter.

Drain pump filters are usually found on front load washers. Top load washers also have filter problems, but they’re very rare compared to front-loaders washers.

Luckily Most Front Load Washers, Have a Little Door Allowing Access To The Drain Pump filter.

washer water filter access door

 DID YOU KNOW?!  These washing machine drain pump filters should be cleaned every couple of months.

In fact, most homeowners don’t even know that this filter exists until this problem happens to them and the washer is not draining the water out.

So what is the next step? what can you do to fix the washer not draining or very slow draining issue?

The first step you need to do  is to take out the washing machine water filter out and clean it.

But Before you Do That!

If your washing machine have water inside, you’re going to want to get as much water out as you can before you take that drain pump filter out. Otherwise, you’re gonna have a ton of water coming out and messed up the situation.

flood sigh

First Of All Take All The Water Out!!

So if you have water in the washer and the door opens up, try to scoop up as much water as you can. you can do so with a cup or a little bucket. Or if you have a wet shop-vac that’s even better.  suck of that water out as much as you can.

But what if your washer door doesn’t open?

If the door is stuck in the locked position, and no matter what you do, it does not unlock and refuse to open.

In that case you should know that most of these front loader washers have an emergency release on the door lock assembly.

How to access the washer emergency door lock mechanism?

If your washer has a bottom kick panel, you can take that bottom panel off, And then reach under. It’ll either be a little plastic tab or a plastic ring that you can pull to disengage the door lock and open the door. And on some other washers. If it doesn’t have a kick panel, you would take the top panel off and reach in from the top to disengage that door.

washer door lock

Then once you get that door open, you get as much of the water out as you can.

This washer not draining next tip is a real lifesaver.

What you want to do is actually pull the washer out and tilt it back. Most of the water that’s left inside will go to the back of the drum and not spill when you open the filter cup. Even if the washer looks empty, there’s still going to be a good amount of water inside the drain pump filter. So when you open anything up, a lot of water comes out. Pulling out the washer and tilt it to the back will cause most of that water to go to the back of the washer. And you’ll avoid having a lot of water coming out the front.

Okay, so now that we’ve got the washer propped up, we can now continue with cleaning your drain pump filter.

Safely take the filter out, And here you go. So as you can see, there’s a bunch of gunk in there. 

washer dirty water filter

There are toothpicks, plastic, and whatever else left in pockets, feathers, coins.

That is actually not that bad. I see some washer not draining filters that are entirely plugged up, especially if somebody washed the rubber mat rug. 

So once you have this filter out, you want to clean all that gunk out from inside of it. If you have a rubber glove, it’s great. Or if you’re not disgusted, you can grab it with your fingers, or you can use a screwdriver or needle-nose pliers.
Scrub that stuff out of there, like hair and stuff in there, that makes everything stuck to the sides of the filter. If it gets stuck, you just yank it out. 

If you want the filter super clean, you can rinse it underneath the faucet.

clean washer filter

Once you got it clean, put it back in. tighten it nice and snug. Put everything back together then you should be good to go. And if your threads have trouble getting started, like getting tightened down. A lot of times, that means that there’s some gunk inside of the threads. Or the little notch has to line up with a tab that’s inside of the filter housing. After that lines up, it’ll tighten down real nice and easy, And You get it all back together.

NOW!!! This washer will start to drain real quick.

If you tried all this method and cleaned the washer drain pump filter and still getting a washer not a draining issue. You may have a problem with the drain pump itself.
Changing the washer drain pump requires a higher washing machine technician skill level.
Give us a call, and one of our expert technicians will be happy to assist you with any washing machine repair service and washer drain pump replacement.

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